Società San Marco is one of the first organic trace mineral producer all over the world with its 30 years history. Our real chelate minerals are stable across a range of pH environments. They provide effective protection when moving through the digestive tract and allows efficient transport across the intestinal wall. Its unique chemical structure makes it even more bioavailable.

Chelates of organic trace minerals in animal feed are organic forms of essential trace minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and zinc. Animals absorb, digest and use mineral chelates better than inorganic minerals. This means that lower concentrations can be used in animal feeds.

Organic trace minerals in animal nutrition.

Livestock requires minerals specially micro-minerals, in appropriate amounts as well as in biologically available form for efficient production performance and maintenance of normal health.

The function of enzymes and hormones is essentially linked to trace elements. This key role in metabolism cannot be replaced by other kinds of nutrients, that’s why we call them ‘essential’ trace elements. Deficiencies of minerals occur frequently in diets consisting of common feed ingredients. These must be provided as a supplemental form.

Though the requirements of the minerals are in micro quantities, yet they are responsible for specific functions in the organism for certain metabolic processes and must be regularly supplied with feed. An essential function of trace elements is that they act as an activator and part of many enzymes. Furthermore they are present in proteins and carry out several tasks in the hormonal system.

Why our organic trace minerals are more effective?

Our ‘full ring – real chelate’ trace minerals represent unique chemical structures make them more reliable and more bioavailable mineral alternatives for the animal nutrition.

Today, it is possible to see many products in the industry under the name of organic trace mineral. But we cannot say that all of these products are in the same structure and effectiveness. Products produced by Società San Marco’s technology really represent one of the highest norms in the industry. The reason for this is the superior production technology of Società San Marco. A bi- o polydentate ligand becomes chelating (chela = pincer) if the arrangement of donor atoms around metal cation forms a chelation ring. The most stable rings are those with five atoms. Amino acids and hydroxyacids are able to chelate one metal to form a chelation ring with 5 atoms.

Basically, our ‘Real Chelates’ set new standards in the field of organically bound trace minerals, including copper, iron, manganese and zinc. These chelates utilize a methionine or glycine ligand to deliver optimized stability, excellent solubility and maximum bioavailability. Our chelate products are the result of cutting edge technology developed in cooperation with the University of Parma, Italy.

The result of our chelation process is fully organic with proven benefits on animal health and environment care, like:

1)High chemical stability at acid pH
2) Improved bio-availability resulting into greater absorption in the first intestinal tract (90-95% metal)
3) Reduced metal release
4) Reduction of metal scrap, meaning lower environmental impact
5) Food quality improvement

Quality, efficiency and competitiveness are the pillars for manufacturing the best animal supplements tailored for our customers’ needs.

* This bulletin has been prepared by Società San Marco Technical&Marketing team to share our experience, knowledge and technical works with our sectoral partners.