Specialty products of Società San Marco

Società San Marco has dedicated its 30-year to the animal nutrition. We have been always producing the concepts and solutions in line with the developing dynamics and needs of the animal nutrition industry. Beside our core organic trace mineral production business, we have been also creating specialty products for the feed and also farm level usage. Basically, with this great heritage we have a quite large specialty product portfolio with really powerful concepts. Here, we would like to mention our specialties briefly,

CALF START: It is a specific product for the solution of diarrhea and digestive disturbances stabilization of the water and electrolyte balance.

KETOSAFE: It is a liquid feed for ruminants, based on readily assimilable energy sources with high by- pass. It reduces cases of ketosis in post-partum period, to maintain high milk productions.

COD OIL 50% : Complementary feed to support fertility.
FISH OIL BETA : Oil feed for the ruminants to give a specific and unique combination for fertility

stimulation. Support the preparation of the estrous and reproduction.

FLUX ENERGY : It is a highly energetic product based on simple sugars and derivatives. It is used as a re- hydrator in periods of heat stress and also to prevent ketosis cases.

WBALANCE :It is a specific product formulated for ruminant, to use during physiological, environmental or productive stress periods.

HOOVER PLUS : Specific product for the solution of podal problems Support the regeneration of hooves, trotters and skin.


MAXIMON : Maximon is an product developed for poultry and swine production. Maximon is using synergistic effect of chelated form of zinc, cooper, natural plant extracts and triglyceride form of butyric acid. Maximon is key solution for gut health and helps preventing the gut problems to boost the production parameters positively.

IMMUNOPOWER: ImmunoPower is a premium gut health and performance enhancer originated from inactivated yeast

CLOSTRIX : It is gut health product based on butyric acid. Better management of gut health, due to an increasing of enzymatic activity . Strong action on Gram – to improve the correct balance of intestinal microflora.

DE-TOX : Mycotoxin risk management with a selected combination of natural organic and inorganic binders. This can be used for all different animal species.

OVOSODO: Formulatedspecificallydesignedtostimulatetheshellcalcification,especiallyinthecritical final weeks before the laying.


PANSIUS : Pansius represents specially developed multi-component complementary feed for pigs. COPFLUSS : Special premix with organic copper support.


NEPTUNE : Neptune is a mineral supplement formula for aquatic animals containing the ‘full ring – real chelate’ combination ‘of zinc and iron.

The upcoming challenge for the feed industry will be to meet consumers’ demand and expectations for high feed quality at affordable price aligned with environmental issues, animal welfare and sustainable production processes, all together in the light of increasing competition for earth’s limited resources. The global consumption of animal protein is projected to grow by 2-3% for upcoming years. This is assumed to be largely driven by increasing disposable income, consumers’ demand to eat better and safer as well as urbanization in the upcoming markets, which generally directly translate into more spending on animal protein products. According to the FAO, the world population will need 100% more food by 2050.

This will lead to a need to further increase the productivity of livestock production, most probably based on genetic progress and also smart feeding strategies. No doubt, specialty feed additives and premixes have a key role in smart feeding strategies. They are important in animal nutrition as they improve the quality of feed thus improving animal’s performance and health subsequently improving the yield and quality of food from animal origin.

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* This bulletin has been prepared by San Marco Technical&Marketing team to share our experience, knowledge and technical works with our sectoral partners.