The role of animal feed additives products in animal’s wellbeing

Every species of animal, just like human beings, requires proper nutrition to maintain itself healthy and to have a proper growth. Unfortunately, raw materials are not enough to ensure every nutriment required, that’s where animal feed additives products come into play.

Animal feed additives are used to introduce vitamins, minerals and amino acids in animal nutrition, essential elements that the animal can’t properly integrate in natural ways. The correct function of enzymes and hormones is linked with those essential elements, in case of deficiency the animal can go through several health issues, like infertility, poor growth rate, oxidative stress, bones shortening, delayed sexual maturity and irregular oestrus.

If we go through a deeper analysis, we can examine the case of amino acids. The importance of amino acids for the animal’s wellbeing is huge. Those essential elements are the fundative protein for the development of muscles, tissues, and skin in practically every animal being and the only proper way to introduce them is using animal feed additives products.

animal feed additives

animal feed additives

Thanks to his know-how developed in more than 30 years, Società San Marco has established itself as a top quality producer of methionate organic trace minerals. We use methionine as a ligand to create chelated minerals with uncomparable stability. 

Our production of pig feed additives, fish feed additives, poultry feed additives and also horses and livestock ones is developed with the best technologies to ensure satisfying results for the improvement of animal’s immune system. A better performance from healthier animals can be the first fundamental step to better profits for every kind of breeder.

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