What are some feed additives that are good against oxidative stress?

what are some feed additives
Oxidative stress is one of the biggest issues to deal with in the field of animal husbandry. When there is an imbalance between antioxidants and prooxidants, oxidative stress releases all its negative effects which can also lead to cell damage and tissue injury. To deal with the production of free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress, one of the most efficient weapons is to integrate antioxidants in animal nutritions via feed additives.
But what are some feed additives that are actually good against oxidative stress?

Organically bound trace minerals

The introduction of minerals in an animal’s diet is essential to reduce oxidative stress as the animal itself isn’t able to produce them endogenously, so it is better to find the best feed additives to do this in the most efficient way. Luckily the solution is pretty easy to find. If you need to choose between organic trace minerals and the non organic one, you can simply look at the huge difference in absorption ratio.

The mineral absorption of organically bound trace minerals (or chelates) is incomparable as it peaks around a 90/95% ratio. It goes without saying that such a high bioavailability is capable of making a significant contribution in terms of benefits such as fertility improvement, the development of stronger bones and, of course, a formidable defense against oxidative stress.

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With our long term expertise (over 30 years), we have been able to develop a pretty unique chelation process for the manufacturing of pig feed additives, poultry feed additives, fish feed additives and also livestock and horse ones. We use glycine and methionine as ligands for our chelated minerals and we can say that the chemical stability of our products set new standards in the organic trace minerals field.

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