How chelates can improve the animal’s health and… your income

Everyday more and more companies choose to provide chelated feed additives in animals diet. This is not merely a trend. Chelated minerals are the best minerals, in terms of bioavailability, that you can supply to livestock, poultry or every other kind of farm animal, including fish.

The use of chelated minerals in animal nutrition can supply an impressive list of advantages:

  • mortality decreases
  • immune system become stronger
  • bone formation improves
  • fertility improves
  • oxidative stress decreases
  • the absorption of nutrients is better and faster

Plus, thanks to the incredibly high bioavailability, the percentage of wasted minerals is almost non-existent.

It goes without saying that with healthy, fertile, strong animals and with reduced feed waste, your income can only improve.



Società San Marco production revolves around top quality chelates with the best chemical stability

As one of the first companies all around the world to produce chelates (or organic trace minerals) we can count on more than 30 years expertise and a long term collaboration with the University of Parma. We are actually the only company on the market who can provide university tests to prove the quality of our chelation process.

Our main chelates lines use glycine or methionine hydroxy analogue as ligands to create the metal bond necessary to give birth to organic trace minerals.

You can check out che characteristics of our Force Line (chelates of glycine) and our Power Line (chelates of methionine hydroxy analogue) by clicking here: