Methionates; the best choice for organic mineral nutrition.

The function of enzymes and hormones is essentially linked to trace elements. This key role in metabolism cannot be replaced by other kinds of nutrients, that’s why we call them ‘essential’ trace elements.

Trace mineral chelates have proven to be better than inorganic minerals in meeting the nutritional needs of modernfarm animals. Animalsabsorb, digest and use mineral chelates better than inorganic minerals. This means that lower concentrations can be used in animal feeds. With its 30 years history, Società San Marco is one of the first organic trace mineral producer in the world. Our real chelate minerals are stable across a range of pH environments. They provide effective protection when moving through the digestive tract and allows efficient transport across the intestinal wall. Its unique chemical structure makes it even more bioavailable. These chelates utilize a methionine or glycine ligand to deliver optimized stability. With our intensive experience and knowledge, we are producing methionates under our ‘Power Line’ category and also glycinates under our ‘Force Line’ category.

No doubt, methionates are giving us the best option for the trace mineral nutrition. Let us explain the reasons for that ;

• Improved stability during the intestinal tract
They combine HMTBa(hydroxy analog of methionine) with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule, so they can keep their stability at different pH levels. Methionates can keep their stability to be effective during the all intestinal track. But in contrast, at this pH most inorganic minerals will form insoluble hydroxides, a gelatinous magma type of precipitation, which will make the minerals non-absorbable.

• Higher bioavailability
A mineral has to be soluble in the luminal fluid of the small intestine in order to be absorbed. The pH of the small intestinal fluid below the duodenum is in the range of 7.0 to 7.2. At this pH most inorganic minerals are non-absorbable. Besides the hydroxide ion, many substances commonly present in feedstuffs, such as carbonate, phosphates,

oxalates and phytates, are also known to form insoluble complexes. But methionates can keep their bioavailability in these high pH levels which makes them superior tool for trace mineral nutrition.

• Methionine value
Residual methionine effect that can reduce the required methionine supplementation of the feed. Methionine is an essential amino acid for all animals, but they do not produce it themselves, meaning they have to get it from their feed. The methionine content of natural ingredients is generally low, so to meet the animals’ requirements, additional methionine must be provided in their feed as a nutritional feed additive.

• Reduced inclusion rates
Methionates are the best way to supply minerals to the animals due to the above features. Therefore reduced inclusion rates result in similar or increased performance including body weight gain, feed conversion ratio and livability.

• Environment & animal welfare
Reduces break-up or dissociation of the mineral and the excretion of unused metals is reduced. This is an important fact against the environmental background. Animals fed chelated sources of essential trace minerals excrete lower amounts in their feces, and so there is less environmental contamination. Mineral chelates also offer health and welfare benefits in animal nutrition.

Minerals are vital nutritional elements for all animals and methionates are the most proper and accurate form for the mineral nutrition. We, as Società San Marco, are really proud producing our methionates under our ‘Power Line’ category. All scientific searches clearly show that Power Line products optimize key production parameters above levels obtained by other chelated mineral sources. They;

  • decrease mortality,
  • improve feed efficiency with a lower FCR,
  • supply better fertility and support the immune system.

Basically, Power Line products can ensure the most profitable farming with more production figures of milk, meat and eggs.

* This bulletin has been prepared by San Marco Technical&Marketing team to share our experience, knowledge and technical works with our sectoral partners.