Bis-chelated organic trace minerals

Highly bio-available almost zero environmental impact low dosage

Organic trace mineral supplementation

What are organic trace minerals ?

Organic Trace Minerals are essential nutrients required for many physiological functions including growth, development, reproduction and immune function. However, deficient or excessive OTM have been reported to affect morphology, biochemical processes and growth. The dietary supply may exceed animals’ actual requirements and cause pollution.

The benefits of organic versus inorganic minerals are well known and documented. The best organic trace minerals are highly bio-available and stable at any ph, like bis-chelated ones which ensure absorption efficiency = 90-95%.

Our POWER LINE includes a full range of bis- chelates with methionine hydroxy analogue.

Among the main benefits:

  • higher bio-availability
  • extra methionine value
  • reduced inclusion rates
  • better environment
  • animal welfare


  • Available packaging: 25 kg bags (inner aluminum)
  • Appearance: powder
  • Shelf life: 24 months if properly stored
  • Feeding instructions: according to data sheet