What are the benefits of chelated MHA selenium supplementation ?

“Selpower” source of organic selenium from MHA

Benefits of chelated MHA Selenium supplement

Selenium is ESSENTIAL trace element for cattle, especially in the most stressful situations. Selenium positively affects the immune response and the antioxidant system of the animals. Sources of inorganic selenium degrade themselves within the rumen and are poorly absorbed in the intestine.

The best approach is to integrate organic selenium in the diet, which provides selenium in the form of selenium-methionine, entirely absorbed in the intestine and capable of reaching the bloodstream.
As a consequence, the levels of selenium in the blood and milk, but also in the colostrum will be increased and the immune and antioxidant system will be definitely improved. A beneficial impact against subclinical mastitis in adult cattle and in favour of higher reproduction performance during moments of greatest oxidative stress will be observed. Prevention helps us effectively and ensures the best ROI.

Premix for all animal species

  • Available packaging: 25 kg bags (inner aluminum)
  • Appearance: grey powder
  • Shelf life: 24 months if properly stored
  • Feeding instructions: 100-150 gr/ton of complete ration