In this issue, Sonia Braga, General Manager of Societa San Marco, answered our questions…

Sonia, who is Società San Marco?

Società San Marco has been working 30 years in the industrial field of animal nutrition with high quality feed supplements and highly bio-available additives, thanks to the great committment of its founder, Giuseppe Picchietti, creator and developer with the University of Parma of glycine and methionine MHA chelates.

Lot of discussion is being held about sustainability. What does it mean when it comes to working environment, according to you?

At Società San Marco we are truly convinced of the importance of ensuring safety and health to our employees, who are indeed our most valuable asset. Our owners, Francesca and Marco, sons of Giuseppe Picchietti, are caring about the employees in a unique and individual way, in line with our founder’s vision.

…. “Altruism today is intelligent selfishness, as Mr. Illy says, in the sense that being social and sustainable support sales too.”

One thing that struck me in Società San Marco was the dialogue and open door towards competitors as significant source of valuable exchange of knowledge and advice. Second, the utmost care to customers considered as partners, developing cultural sensitivity and competence in the staff.

What impact had the Covid pandemia on the business?

After the acceleration occured in March, we noticed some drop during the lock-down, followed by resumption at the end of quarantine. We continue to operate on all markets and grow in the additives segment.

Please tell us more about Società San Marco additives and your expectations.

Zootechnical additives, intended as those additives used to affect favourably the performance of animals in good health and to actively preserve the environment, are the flagship of Società San Marco. Everyone talks about gastrointestinal functioning of livestock animals gut and environment care. The concrete answer of Società San Marco are the chelated minerals, obtained from outstanding production process which guarantees the true chelation bond between minerals and amino acids, providing high bio-availability and stability of the molecule, associated to zero release in manure. Meat, milk and derivatives end up on our tables.

Farmers need performing alternatives to antibiotics.In our opinion, effective help from the industry to feed the growing world population while improving disease resistance and immune competence in animals, come from real chelates too. Since long time Società San Marco has co-operated with Italian Universities and has got excellent results in farms, both in Italy and abroad.

Finally, let me add that Società San Marco joins the only recognized worldwide producer of MHA chelates, todate.