Phytogenic Feed Additives For Management Of Coccidiosis In Calves


What is it ?

Rumi Cox is a powder phytogenic solution to be supplemented to feed for successfull management of coccidiosis in calves.
By stimulating the calves’ immune system, it is possible to strongly reduce the infection and associated amount of oocysts in the faeces.

Additionally, zero cross-contamination is guaranteed in feed mills.
Indications for use: 200 gr per 100 kg feed

Packaging: 15 kg bags
Composition: product obtained from herbs, barley flour. Additives: flavouring substances (category 2, functional group b); binders (category 1:E551).
Analytical levels: Crude cellulose: 24.29%, crude proteins: 7.53%, trace crude lipids, crude ash 6.86%, sodium 0%, lysine 0%, methionine 0%.