A successful story started by our founder, Giuseppe Picchietti, who decided to make his nutritionist experience available for developing high-quality nutrition solutions for animal health. He spent a long time cooperating with the University of Parma, putting resources available for research in a specific mineral molecule including two important nutritional elements, like amino acids and trace elements.
Such molecules are called “chelates” due to the link between them simulating the crab claws. In 2005 the precious work and research results perceived by Giuseppe Picchietti were recognized by our Region who granted him the Technological Innovation Award and allowed San Marco to manufacture the chelate molecules on industrial basis. With our ‘Full Ring – Real Chelation’ technology, we are proudly producing the most efficient organic trace minerals for animal nutrition. Our chelate products are the result of cutting edge technology developed in cooperation with the University of Pharma in Italy: our unique reactor for the chelation of trace elements and amino acids.
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